Monday, July 21, 2014

Sponsored Review DollyEye Gothic 3tones Grey lens from

Hey girls ,  Today I will be reviewing a pair of circle lenses that was kindly sponsored by Go check out their website for a large selection of circle lenses. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and shipping is free for all orders over $50.

I chose the DollyEye Gothic 3tones Grey Lens 

Lets see how do they look inside lens case

About The Product  EOS Gothic 3 Tones G307 contact lenses are guaranteed to lend a sophisticated yet natural look to your eyes. With a diameter of 14.5mm they nicely fit the eye giving a sparkling look. You are guaranteed to attract a lot of attention as their sparkle will make people notice you. These are priced at $22.50 and available in blue, brown, green, grey, hazel, honey, sapphire, turquoise and violet colors.

Power Available : 0.00 to -10.00

Life Span : 1 Year

Diameter : 14.5mm

Manufacturer : EOS

Origin : South Korea

Lenses is manufactured by EOS and labelled under DollyEye.

I did not apply too much makeup as i wanted to focus on the beauty of these lenses.Now let me proceed to lens itself..

without lens

In natural lighting

One Out - One in

With Flash

DollyEye is so far my most favorite circle lens series. And this grey  lens are very close to my heart because of their color and natural looks. grey color covers my black eyes and give them a splash of color which looks really unique. These lenses have 14.5 mm diameter , because they are meant to look natural . These lenses are comfortable too. i am totally in love with these lenses as they look beautiful in all kind of lightings..

Overall, I find them really comfortable and amazing at the price and the color says it all that I am in love with these.  

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Thank you LensVillage for sending these to me , Shop the Eos Gothic 3 tone

If you want a pair of these for yourself then you can visit Here

Have you tried EOS brand circle lenses? Do you own any circle lenses ? What is your favorite color in circle lenses ? Please feel free to comment below with your suggestion.


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  1. Nyc review! lense really look tempted :-)

  2. Nice !!! I am having same ... Loving your review

  3. Nice review
    Lens shades are just awesome
    Seems to be perfect lens