Friday, April 18, 2014

My review of " Motives Lip Lock"

Hello my friends ! So sorry for the lack of posts :(  but i have this review pending from a long time. I have been really busy last month and was not able to come online..

Lets start my new review ;) 

"Motives" is an anti-aging makeup/skin care line, that's cruelty free and works for all skin types. The company is unique because it custom blends makeup for you. They also make interchangeable palettes to fit your style. The eyeshadow has the cutest little magnetic casing, so smart! Great for travel , "Motives" and created by Loren Ridinger is a mineral based cosmetics line that also offers skin care. Mineral based cosmetics are generally great for all skin types esp. formulated for sensitive skin. The cosmetics are infused with tons of nutrients. The unique idea behind the line is that its customized for you...

Today i sharing with you my new product "LIPLOCK BY MOTIVES COMPANY"

Recently i used this lip lock so now i am telling you the full review about the product
Motives Lip Lock

Motives Lip Lock is a primer, lip base, and treatment all in one. Lip Lock primer is a foundation to fill in lines, wrinkles, and uneven places. As a base, Lip Lock promotes truer color, smoother application, and longer-lasting lip application. Our anti-aging lip base/primer protects lips from environmental factors and promotes hydration. Smooth on the perfect base for any lip product with Motives Lip Lock.

I love this product I have always used foundation on my lips before applying lip color throughout the day to get a fresher color with each application. I really like the size of the applicator and the product does exactly what it's supposed to do , it looks great natural too ,  it is a great lip base because it helps to fill in all your lipline and prevent any dryness before you apply the lipstick and it also help to keep the color to stay longer.

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