Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Maybelline Colossal Kajal Review

Hey everyone!
Today I’m reviewing the Maybelline Colossal Kajal , hearing too many good things about it specially its non smudging quality , Finally I found a smudge free kajal!

Tried many brands but after a few hours they would all go beyond the eye line giving a witch look. This kajal however stays in place for hours n hours and does exactly what it says - smudge free look. It has a dark black color and glides very softly across the eye. Just one or at most two strokes are enough to give a bold black look..


It comes in a twist-up pencil sort of a packaging so you need not sharpen it when it goes blunt or something.. Hence there's no wastage of the product..


I am quite happy with some of the amazing features of this kajal. It's really black - jet black and smudges very little. Though it does smudge but yes its easy to wipe off with any tissue unlike other kajal which gets stick to eye and you have to use a proper eye makeup remover to remove it because it won't easily get washed out as most other kajals do..



Maybelline Colossal Kajal is a Good kajal with deep black color, its non smudging & long lasting. Staying power is pretty good , I love this kajal very much and have added it to my favorite kajals list..

 Maybelline Colossal Kajal Price 175/-

1. Absolutely stunning dark incredibly black pigment
2. The texture is like a dream soft and workable Just one swipe on your waterline and you are good to go
3.Non smudging or very less smudging the best part..
4. One stick lasts and lasts..
5. The packaging is a bright yellow.. You can easily spot this anywhere..
6.  Does not irritate eyes..

Not much only problem is its very difficult to remove at night..

Be aware of the fake ones. They are exact replicas and sell at a similar price. The original ones have a lil hole kinda thing at the base of the pencil whereas the fake ones are flat like a pencil..

Rabia ,

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  1. i love this kajal <3 use daily

  2. wow thnks for shring your cutie eyes

  3. I keep on buying this again n again! So much in love with the Colossal:)
    really helps , Nice review

  4. wow love you review thanks for sharing :)