Saturday, August 2, 2014

Urban Decay Naked Palette Review

 Hey girls , 

Urban Decay Naked Palette One of the most popular makeup products ever, i saw already a million reviews & i think i am the last person to review it , its a first copy but same as original.

I just compared this to Original Naked palette, and the pigmentation and quality are equal in my opinion. If you want the color and quality of the original but want to save money then this is the palette for you..

Virgin , Sin , Naked , Sidecar , Buck , Half  Baked , Smog , Dark Horse , Toasted , Hustle , Creep , Gunmetal        


Smog , Dark Horse , Toasted , Hustle , Creep , Gunmetal  

Virgin , Sin , Naked , Sidecar , Buck , Half  Baked              

About the product :  Neutrals won't leave you naked , 12 multifaceted shades ( including 
four exclusives ) escalate your " basics " to rich textures of matte , shimmer , stain and sparkle.
Experiment with ofice-appropiate , deep and smoky or summertime bronzed looks.

This is a favorite palette ,  I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it on my hands , my cousin gift to me and I opened the package, and then the box which looked just like the real UD one! So, The colors are just beautiful. So I had to do a test swatch right away on all the colors, and they are highly pigmented, and the colors stay on very well. It is also important to know that the brush that comes with it, well,  I am very happy with that brush as well. You have a great choice of colors, there are light shades, golds, browns, darker shades, some with a matte finish, There is something for every look you want to create , The shadows are of good quality , blends like a dream , Over all i am impressed :)

favorite Shades is  :  Sidecar , DarkHorse  &  Creep.

This would also make a great gift for someone who is just starting off in the makeup world, but doesn't wanna spend the money until they are more experienced..

Comment below which Shade do you like the most ?

If you like this review please share your experience & Suggestion with me , i love read your comments..

Stay beautiful, 

Rabia , 


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  1. WOW ITs one of my favorite naked Platted i just loving it

  2. Wow such an amazing shades and i just love your review thanks for sharing :-)

  3. My favorite Shades is Sidecar <3 thanks for sharing

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