Sunday, October 12, 2014

Review ~ Garnier BB Cream

Hey lovelies,

Today, I am reviewing of Garnier BB Cream 
So what is a BB Cream, and why are they so special? Well, it’s like getting a combination of a tinted moisturizer with skin care ingredients and an added SPF. Garnier makes one of the more affordable BB Creams on the market, but the question is does it work well and is it worth the money? Let’s find out.

The Garnier miracle skin perfector BB cream comes in a golden beige tube with a flip top cap. The squeeze tube is great because it gives me control on the amount of product that is dispersed, and the secure cap makes sure there is no spillage. This means I can keep the bb cream in my bag and have peace of mind that it won’t leak or spill.. 

The formula of the BB cream is quite a heavy liquid. It has a slight mousse texture to it in the way that it feels quite fluffy..

Now It's come two shades to choose from, light and medium
 I was quite worried that either shade would not be suitable for my skin.
I picked up the small BB cream in the shade ALL IN ONE it's suitable for my skin or not 

I use this product daily after the face wash . I'll moisturise my face, quickly followed by the BB cream.
The Garnier BB cream manages to add a small amount of moisturise to my skin. It leaves my skin looking smoother, more even, and brighter which I put down to the fact that it includes Vitamin C and mineral pigments. I am comfortable wearing this every day because it also offers UV SPF 15 protection. This BB cream does not rub or wear off easily and transfer is very minimal.
 I love the Garnier BB cream because it provides more coverage than any tinted moisturiser that I own. While it does not have the coverage of a foundation, it is much more lightweight on the skin than a foundation has ever left my skin feeling. The coverage of the BB cream is sufficient to even out my skin tone, diminish any redness, and it covers any minor blemishes that I am experiencing on the dayI love this and have dumped my foundation for this. The coverage is good, stays put all day and makes your skin look healthy. My sister suffer with acne and although it's under control at the moment, she find this bb cream helps and has stopped her from getting breakouts. It's very light and  feels amazing ,
Easily get the best of both worlds of skin care and makeup by using one simple product. Save time and money, while also getting great skin and a wonderful finished look for your day.

Gives the perfect amount of coverage
Helps get rid of discoloration in the skin
Diminishes dullness, dryness, and blotchiness
Hydrates your skin
Offers a combination of Garnier skin care products and lightweight foundation

 Price: 99 PKR only 

I Bought From  Chase Up  Store ~ Karachi 

What do you think of this BB Cream ? Do you have any ones? 

Stay beautiful,,

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