Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review ~ Grey World Series Circle Contact lens (3-TONE)

Today i will be reviewing a pair of circle lenses that was kindly sponsored by , I am sorry for posting this late due to some reason , any way lets start a review .

 Let's take a look what i selected , 

Included (4 Items):
- 1 x Pair Of Contact Lenses (2 Lenses)
- 1 x Lens Care Card
- 1 x FREE Contact Lens Case
- 1 x FREE Gift Bag

Product Info :

Diameter: 14.2mm
Base Curve Radius: 8.40 ~ 8.60mm
C.T: 0.04 ~ 0.13mm
Water Content: 38 ~ 42%
Using Cycle: One Year
Power Range: Plano (0.00) ~ -10.00
Manufacturer: Geo Medical Inc.

Now lets take a look how it looks on my eyes :

With Out Lenses
One in One Out

All pictures are taken in natural sunlight..

My opinion on them : 

Second time i choose grey color lens because they give me a such a different look and my eyes looks bigger. Grey color covers my black eyes and give them a splash of color which looks really unique. I am extremely satisfied with my " Grey World Series Circle Contact lens (3-TONE)  "  The color is perfect, they're comfortable and just the right size. These are priced at $34.95 and available in blue, brown, green, grey and purple colors.  I honestly have no complaints, I highly recommend that you check out lens circle if you're looking for a good pair of circle lenses.

You can buy these lenses HERE

Get a whole new look with these grey colored contact lenses . Grey contact lenses can be very flattering and suit a wide range of different skin tones.

Do you own any circle lenses ? What is your favorite color in circle lenses ? Please feel free to comment below with your suggestion

If you like this review please share your thoughts  , I love read your comments..

Stay beautiful,,

Rabia ,


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  1. They really make your eyes look big, looking amazing :)

  2. Looks so natural and really suits you Rabia!

    Love XoxoX

  3. Wow rabia they really fantastic on you, beautiful color
    Nice review