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{ Review } Clearglow Acne Prone & Problematic Skin Face Mask

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Acne is the main problem facing by the many girls and many girls are wished that their pimples are gone in very few time. Acne is also called the pimples and these pimples are effected the face of the girls. Ugly pimples and black head, scars and skin break outs have become the serious issue of today..

It comes in a cheap plastic jar

I told you on my previous post that Orglow Instant Organic Face Brightening Mask. brightening mask by SALINA Cosmetics for all skin types.. Now Salina Newly Introduced product which is CLEARGLOW  Acne Prone & Problematic Skin Face Mask  Its  for oily skin.

Rejuvenates, Clears Acne, Cleanses

 Its sealed packed

    Its hand made and 100% natural & After opening u can use it just for 6 months.

How To Use

1 Table Spoon Clearglow mask
1 Table spoon Yogurt
For best results add few drops of cucumber juice.

Take one leveled Table Spoon of Clearglow Mask is to be mixed with one Table spoon of fresh yogurt & if you have dry skin add two drops of  Glycerine & for Oily Skin add Rose Water. mix well Apply evenly this paste on face and neck for 5 to 10 minutes just wash it (Please do not rub off)

My Thoughts

I did not have any acne problem so i cannot make any comment in this regard but my sister also used this who have acne problem and it really soothes her skin and her scars fades away with regular use. It works for cleansing, acne, and pore tightening. This mask is amazing. You can actually feel it working when it is on. Your skin feels clean and fresh with a glow afterwards. Really cleans out the toxins and impurities in your skin. Highly recommend over any other . Every time I've used this face mask, had great results. My face is less oily and so much softer and my sister blemishes have gone away. her face looks clearer and cleaner after every wash.

This Organic product Made in Pakistan.

My Rating:
4 out of  5

Price: 900

You can order it online from the Orglow Facebook & Here

Have You Tried Orglow & ClearGlow Yet ???

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  1. Great review, really love the results! Your face looks definitely more clear and smoother! :) x